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NRS Galvanized Brake Pads: The First Upgrade for Any Braking System

Your braking system is more than just your brake pads. It is a complex system that relies on all its components to perform one of the most vital functions in your car: coming to a safe stop. There are all kinds of upgrades that you might want to invest in when looking to level up your ride. But an excellent set of brake pads should always be your first choice.

Brake pads are easy and inexpensive to upgrade. Yet, they make a huge difference in your vehicle’s performance. Read on to learn why NRS galvanized brake pads should be the first upgrade you make to your braking system.

Power Up Your Braking Performance

The trouble with traditional brake pads is that they’re manufactured to save money – not maximize performance. They use corrosion-prone steel backings and coat them in paint for protection. And they use adhesives to hold the friction material to the backing plates. All this is cheap to manufacture, but it doesn’t hold up to real life.

NRS galvanized brake pads are different. Their design is all about performance. Instead of using paint for rust resistance, NRS brake backings are galvanized. This zinc plating makes them naturally resistant to corrosion. And it doesn’t flake off like paint. Galvanization means that NRS brake pads will never rust, no matter the road conditions.

You won’t find any adhesive holding NRS brake pads together, either. NRS uses a patented process to mechanically fuse the friction material to the brake backing. This process ensures a firm connection throughout the life of the brake pad. You never need to worry about delamination or separation.

Score for the Environment

Cheap manufacturing materials aren’t just bad for performance. They often contain toxins that are hazardous to the environment. Traditional brake pads contain copper and lead. These harmful heavy metals enter the atmosphere and soil through brake dust. There they accumulate damaging plant life and can even cause health issues in neighboring communities.

And, when it is time to change your pads, there is no way to recycle traditional brakes. They must be burned or left to rust in a landfill. Either way, they continue to pollute the environment for the rest of their existence.

NRS brakes are lead and copper-free. Plus, their friction material produces less dust than traditional brakes. All this makes a safer choice for the environment. NRS brake pads are also 100% recyclable. So, when it is finally time to get a new set, your old set can be safely reclaimed.

Level Up for a Quieter Ride

NRS brake pads offer a quieter ride by design. That same patented process that holds the friction material to the backing is the primary reason. Because NRS brake pads don’t loosen over time, they don’t develop the vibration that other brake pads do. That vibration is a major contributor to driving noise and can’t be avoided in brakes that use traditional adhesives.

Upgrade Your Gear with NRS Brake Pads

NRS galvanized brake pads are the best way to start upgrading your braking system. They perform better than your old brakes. They’re quieter. And they’re better for Mother Nature. The braking system of your car is important, get the best. Upgrade to NRS galvanized brake pads today!


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