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Introducing The Piston Cushion Insert.
The best way to eliminate brake noise.

The NRS Piston Cushion Insert is designed to attack a known NVH problem area, caliper/pad/rotor interface, thus helping to reduce noise levels by up to 90%

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The NRS Brakes Piston Cushion - Features & Benefits

When brakes are applied to a moving vehicle, heat is created through friction between the brake pads and rotors. Heat transfer happens when the heat travels through the brake caliper to affect other parts of the braking system such as brake fluid. The Piston Cushion acts as a barrier, minimizing heat transfer to the brake fluid.

  • Absorbs piston vibrations for improved NVH
  • Universal system for improved noise abatement
  • Included in every NRS brake Kit - where applicable
  • Acts as a Heat Shield for Pad/Rotor/Caliper
  • Protective cap for caliper piston
  • Reduces wear/heat impact on caliper piston

Each Piston Cushion insert is designed to exceed
OEM Standards with “1510”-i2 Dual Active Materials

Piston Cushion Construction Cross section of a Piston Cushion
Piston Cushion Performance Test Results Cumulative Noise vs. Test Progression
To measure noisy brake stops and NVH, the NRS Piston Cushion was put though many tests, including the SAE standard J2521 noise test. This test is an automotive industry standard test, consisting of 1400+ stops at various pressures, velocities, and temperatures. A noisy stop is considered any stop having a greater than 70dB noise rating.
The chart above shows two comparative SAE J2521 noise tests. The test was run once without NRS PISTON CUSHION and again with NRS Piston Cushion. In each case, the number of noisy stops was tracked and charted. After 1,430 stops, NRS Piston Cushion reduced the number of noisy stops by over 70%.

Witness the Piston Cushion Insert in action and see why NRS Brakes have the longest lasting and quietest brakes on the market today


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