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Superior Stopping Power When You Need It

NRS Brakes Galvanized Brake Pads

Our semi-metallic brake pads have more durability and longevity than traditional pads

Pads Features Pads
  • More Efficient Brake Cooling
  • Dissipates Heat More Efficiently
  • Reduced Brake Dust
  • Longer-Lasting and More Durable
  • Effective Over A Wider Range Of Temperatures
  • Lower Noise Levels
  • 100% Copper FREE
  • More Resistant to Brake Fade Than Organic
  • Increased Stopping Power
  • Low Compressibility (Firmer Brake Pedal feel)
  • Good Cold Bite (Suitable for cold climates)
  • Suitable For Daily Street Driving to Extreme Track Use


Premium Metallic

Premium Metallic

For everyday driving conditions

Ideal for Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Vans, Import and Domestic

Copper Free Ceramic

Copper Free Ceramic

Unique & exclusive green Providing "quiet, clean and cool" stops

Ideal for Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Vans, Performance Vehicles Import and Domestic

Extreme Duty

Extreme Duty

Demanding & challenging driving conditions

Ideal for Sport Utility Vehicles, Light to Medium Duty Trucks, Fleets Vehicles: Towing, Police, Taxi, Ambulances

Hybrid Specific

Hybrid Specific

Provide the best of both worlds Metallic and Ceramic

Ideal for Passenger Cars, SUVs, Import and Domestic


NRS Brake Pad Stop Test - 60 MPH to 0

Stopping Distance Stopping Distance

NRS Brake Pads stop up to 33 Feet Shorter than the Competition

Our brakes not only stop shorter, they’re Safer as well

A majority of after-market brake pads today use painted steel back-plates and inconsistently-applied adhesives to bond the friction material to the back-plate. These adhesives are easily thermally degraded during normal service.

The simple, effective, manner to address the series of above is engineering a Safety Braking Zone into the brake pad at the interface between the friction material and back-plate.

The Safety Braking Zone is comprised of in-situ Galvanized Hooks at the back-plate surface. The Hooks provide mechanical retention of the friction material overcoming inadequacies of the adhesive usage.

Safety Zone

The Galvanic protection prevents corrosion and its ingress affording a very robust rust inhibition over the life-time of the brake pad. Brake pads ought not to be replaced for back-plate corrosion well before they actually wear out!

Safety Zone

Our Galvanized Brake Pads Are Also The Quietest

Even after repeated stops, NRS Brakes still remain the quietest Number of stops with an audible reading over 80dB

Quietest Quietest

NRS has the least number of stops with an audible reading over 80dB

NRS Brake Pads & Our Earth Friendly Promise

We meet and exceed all U.S. Environmental regulations for brake production

NRS Brakes Ultra-Premium products are environmentally friendly and adhere to the new low copper requirements under California and Washington restrictions.

Our metallics and copper free ceramics already meet the LEVEL A, B, and N mandated U.S. regulations.

These symbols are your assurance that NRS Brakes is committed to our environment. NRS brake pads are 100% copper FREE as well as being 100% recyclable.

Let's find the right Brakes for your Vehicle.

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