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Free Shipping on all orders USA & Canada. Call US 1-877-677-2725

Frequently Asked Questions

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NRS Brakes™ offers premium brake pads that meet or exceeds OE Standards, using Premium Semi Metallic and Ceramic friction formulations.

NRS Brakes™ uses a low dust formulation without compromising performance and quality.

The NRS™ hooks/teeth will not damage the rotor at all. They essentially act as a metallic substance of the friction itself, allowing for braking power to the last millimeter.

NRS Brakes™ pads perform well with all types of rotors.

It is recommended to use lubrication during pad installation. NRS Brakes™ provides a lubricant packet inside each set of pads. It is recommended to apply a thin layer of lubrication to the caliper sliders and pistons while avoiding contact with friction surfaces and rotors. Do not remove the shim that is already attached to the pad.

NRS Brakes™ recommends making approximately 10 complete stops at 30 mph applying moderate pressure.

Perform an additional 10 stops from 50 mph down to 20 mph with light to moderate pedal pressure allowing 30 seconds between brake applications.

NRS Brakes™ features noise cancelling NU-Lok™ shims (on all applications) and piston cushions (where applicable). Our pads use galvanized technology to prevent rust on contact surfaces.

NRS Brakes™ are the only brake pads available in the market that contain all these components which results in up to 90% noise reduction.

NRS Brakes™ features a fully mechanical attachment NRS™.

NRS™ galvanized brake pads eliminate edge lift, rust jacking, friction delamination or chunking and retains friction on the plate throughout the entire brake pad lifecycle preventing pre-mature pad replacement.

NRS Brakes™ include exclusive noise cancelling Piston Cushions not found in any other brake set.

  • Galvanized Brake Pads featuring NRS™ mechanical attachment with Ultra Premium friction
  • Noise cancelling NU-LOK™ shims with superior noise dampening capabilities pre-attached to the brake pads
  • Hardware Kit – Includes abutment hardware (where applicable)
  • Noise cancelling Piston Cushions – Reducing noise levels and eliminating comebacks (where applicable)
  • Electronic Wear Sensors – The most accurate gauge on how much brake pad life remains (where applicable)
  • Silicon based lubricant packet

Yes, NRS Brakes™ Pads are level N compliant which signifies compliance with the “Zero-Copper” requirement that takes effect in 2025.

With all the technologies incorporated, NRS Brakes™ galvanized brake pads outlast the competition.

Each set will fit 1 axle position on your vehicle, either the Front brakes or the Rear brakes. You will need to purchase a set of each (Fronts, Rears) to complete a full brake set change for your vehicle.

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