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NRS BRAKES: The Best Brake Pads for Your Audi A4

There’s an indescribable thrill to be driving the Audi A4. Sitting behind the wheel you can feel it in the smooth rush of acceleration as you press the gas and in its supple and precise turning. But when the journey is done and you’ve reached your destination, a high-performance vehicle demands high-performance brake pads. NRS Galvanized Brake Pads are the perfect choice for your Audi A4.

Sixty to Zero: Braking Performance

There’s no arguing the A4’s engine sets it apart from so many other vehicles. The speed and acceleration that it provides are a big part of what makes driving the A4 so thrilling. But to keep you and your family safe at highway speeds, you need to ensure you can stop just as quickly. NRS galvanized brakes are built with precisely this in mind.

The patented NRSTM system uses in-situ galvanized hooks on the brake backing to provide mechanical attachment to the pad’s friction material. Most traditional brakes rely on a simple adhesive for this, which leaves them vulnerable to failure during typical use. The NRSTM system ensures that even in the harshest conditions NRS brake pads won’t delaminate when you need them most.

On top of award-winning reliability, NRS Audi A4 brake pads feature a premium friction material. This friction material efficiently transforms the kinetic energy of your A4 into easily dissipated thermal energy, translating into shorter stopping distances throughout the life of the brake pads.

Go the Distance: Brake Pad Durability

NRS Audi A4 brake pads feature a fully galvanized brake backing for superior durability. The zinc plating used in the galvanization process is naturally corrosion resistant, dramatically reducing the rust that accumulates during even the harshest conditions.

This superior durability pairs especially well with the A4’s all-wheel drive option. The A4 is a luxury vehicle built to be at home no matter the conditions, be they summer baked city streets or frosty mountain roads.

NRS Audi A4 galvanized brake pads are built with the same enthusiasm for a life. With their galvanized backing they can handle whatever roads you take in life and, when their journey ends, they are 100% recyclable, unlike traditional brake pads.

Silent Night: Quiet Braking

There is something so comforting about the hush that falls as soon as you close the door of the A4. It is a vehicle built for a quiet ride which should not be spoiled by noisy brakes.

NRS Audi A4 brake pads start quieter than traditional brakes and stay quieter. The NRSTM system’s superior bonding between brake backing and friction material greatly reduces vibration between the two materials making them inherently quieter than traditional brakes.

Additionally, NRS brake kits also come with a unique caliper piston cushion. This cushion absorbs piston vibration further reducing braking noise. The addition of this cushion also protects the caliper piston from wear and heat damage further extending the life of your braking system.

The Clear Choice

Your Audi A4 is an exceptional vehicle and it deserves exceptional brake pads. NRS Galvanized Brake Pads supply superior performance and durability. NRS’s Audi A4 brake pads are the perfect choice to meet your vehicle’s needs. Don’t risk another day on outdated brake pads. Invest in your own set of NRS Audi A4 Galvanized Brake Pads today!


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