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NRS Brakes: Best Brake Pads for Performance and Safety

If you are a driver who wants to get the most out of your vehicle, you know that traditional brake pads fail fast. They are designed for cheap production, not durability. NRS brake pads are different. NRS brake pads are designed with performance and safety in mind.

What Traditional Brake Pads Get Wrong

Traditional brake pads are flawed by design. They use a steel backing that is easily rusted. A coat of paint is used to protect the backing from this corrosion. However, paint is prone to flaking. Flaking paint exposes the steel beneath and allows moisture to attack the brake backing.

Traditional brakes also use a simple adhesive layer to attach the brake backing to the friction material. The adhesive makes for a poor long-term bond. As it ages, it begins to crack. Over time, the cracks deepen allowing chunks of adhesive to flake away.

The results are not pretty. As the brake backing is weakened by rust, the friction material begins to peel away from the adhesive. This process is called delamination and it is a major cause of brake failure. Because the inferior materials fail so rapidly, traditional brake pads must be exchanged often. Otherwise, your brakes could fail on the road, resulting in a serious accident.

Excellence in Design

NRS brake pads are designed to address major causes of brake pad failure. The brake backing is zinc-plated through a process called galvanization. Galvanization protects the backing against rust. And galvanization bonds the zinc to the interior steel at a chemical level. This means they will never rust, crack, or flake for the life of the brake pad.

Additionally, NRS uses no adhesives. They use a patented process that mechanically fuses the brake backing to the friction material. This physical attachment ensures the friction material will never delaminate.

Pairing the galvanized backing with the patented attachment system means NRS brake pads eliminate the two most common causes of brake failure. This not only improves the life of the brake pad. It also increases performance and safety.

Performance and Safety

The exceptional design of NRS brake pads translates into better performance and safety. Because of their superior durability, NRS brake pads last about 4 years for most drivers. You’ll have to change them less than traditional pads, saving you money over the life of your vehicle.

Their exceptional corrosion resistance allows NRS brake pads to withstand even harsh environments. Whereas extreme heat or snowy conditions accelerate the failure of traditional brakes, NRS brake pads hold up as intended. You’ll never have to fear delamination or failure no matter the weather.

Their superior lifespan also means shorter stopping distances. NRS brake pads don’t wear as quickly. So, they continue to perform as intended for much longer than traditional brake pads. This shortens stopping distances which improves safety.

Make The Switch to NRS Brake Pads


These are just a few of the reasons NRS brake pads are a cut above the competition. To learn more about why NRS brake pads are the best choice for performance and safety, check out our website today!

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