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The #1 EV Brake Pads for Your Tesla Model Y

Your Tesla Model Y is built for performance. Its design addresses every element of the driving experience. No consideration is too small. No detail was unworthy of the designers’ attention. But to keep a work of automotive art like that in top-notch condition, you need top-notch brake pads.

NRS galvanized brake pads are designed specifically for the rigor of high-performance electric vehicles. Their own thoughtful design makes them the perfect brake pads for your Tesla Model Y.

Improved performance

Electric vehicles are a whole different beast compared to conventional vehicles. Braking is one of their many differences. The Tesla Model Y, like all other electric vehicles, makes use of a sophisticated electric motor when in drive. When braking, this motor also helps to slow down the car. Consequently, the brakes are needed less often than in gasoline-powered vehicles.

Moisture builds up on all brake pads during normal use. In gasoline-powered vehicles, frequent use of the brake pads heats them up and evaporates any moisture accumulated. In electric vehicles, the brake pads don’t heat up as often, allowing moisture to build up. This causes dangerous corrosion in traditional brake pads.

However, NRS brake pads are galvanized to protect them against corrosion. This protects them from hazards like premature delamination and allows them to perform better than the competition for the lifetime of the pads.

Better for the environment

Environmental responsibility is one of the major advantages of driving a Tesla. With zero emissions, it is one of the cleanest cars on the planet. That said, no car is truly emissions free. Brake dust is a major environmental hazard that affects air and soil quality. Brake dust from traditional brake pads includes environmental toxins like copper, lead, and rust. Build up of these toxins causes a variety of neurological and immune disorders in exposed humans.

NRS brake pads, however, are low dust. They contain no lead or copper. And their galvanized backings protect them from rust. NRS brake pads are also 100% recyclable. So, unlike traditional brake pads, they won’t clog up our landfills for years to come.

Superior parts

In addition to being environmentally friendly, NRS brake pads use only premium materials. Their semi-metallic friction materials are more durable than traditional pads. They will outlast traditional pads and will stop your vehicle sooner than their competitors.

All NRS brake pad kits come with a unique noise canceling piston insert. This insert keeps your Tesla Model Y quiet on the road by reducing braking noise by up to 90%!

Finally, NRS uses a patented system of in-situ galvanized hooks to attach the brake backing to the friction material. This unique attachment method outperforms the adhesive used in traditional brake pads. These hooks guarantee NRS brake pads will never delaminate, making them the safest choice for your Tesla.

Invest in NRS brake pads for your Tesla Model Y

Your Tesla Model Y is an exceptional vehicle that demands the best. To learn more about why NRS brake pads are the best choice for your Tesla, check out NRS brakes online.

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