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NRS Galvanized Brakes: Best Brake Pads for Your Audi S5

The Audi S5 is one of those cars that just screams to be driven. You can feel its power each time you press down the accelerator and it rushes forward with a burst of thrilling speed. To keep it running at top speed, you need to invest in brake pads worthy of the Audi’s quality construction. NRS galvanized brake pads are the best choice for performance vehicles like your Audi S5.

Go and Stop

The Audi S5 can go from zero to sixty in under six seconds. With that kind of acceleration at your fingertips, you’ll want brakes that can keep up. NRS galvanized brake pads are designed with braking performance in mind.

NRS brake pads use a patented system of in-situ galvanized hooks. These attach the brake backing to the friction material. Most traditional brakes use a simple adhesive to bond the two. This leaves them vulnerable to failure during normal use as the heat generated in braking can break down the adhesive. The NRS system guarantees there will never be any separation between the backing and the friction material.

The semi-metallic friction material used in NRS brakes is designed to perform as admirably as your Audi S5. It is more durable than traditional semi-metallic brake pads. This means it will last longer and stop your car more effectively than other brake pads.

Adventure Anywhere

Mother nature is not always kind to brakes. However, NRS brake pads feature a fully galvanized backing to resist the elements. The zinc plating used in the galvanization process is naturally corrosion resistant. This prevents rust accumulation even under the more severe weather conditions.

This allows you to make full use of your Audi S5’s all-wheel drive. The S5 is a luxury vehicle built to take you wherever your adventures lead. NRS brake pads are built with the same enthusiasm for a life. With their galvanized backing, they can handle whatever roads you take in life. And when their journey ends, they are 100% recyclable, unlike traditional brake pads.

Quiet Rides

There is something so comforting about the hush that falls as soon as you close the door of the Audi S5. It’s a vehicle built for quiet comfort. Don’t spoil the ride with noisy brakes. NRS brake pads start quieter than traditional brakes and stay quieter. The NRS system’s superior bonding between brake backing and friction material greatly reduces vibration between the two materials making them inherently quieter than traditional brakes, actually making them the quietest brake pad on the market today.

Additionally, NRS brake kits also come with a unique caliper piston cushion. This cushion absorbs piston vibration further reducing braking noise. The addition of this cushion also protects the caliper piston from wear and heat damage further extending the life of your braking system.

The Clear Choice

The Audi S5 is a world-class vehicle. Don’t limit it with second-class brake pads. NRS galvanized brake pads are made from superior materials. They are designed for exceptional performance no matter the weather. They outlast traditional brake pads and won’t clutter up landfills when it’s finally time to invest in your next set. Make the clear choice. Invest in your own set of NRS Galvanized Brake Pads today.

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