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NRS Brakes: Galvanized Brakes That Don’t Rust or Corrode

A long-known problem with many traditional brakes is developed in the department of rust through regular use in regular driving conditions. The brake pads can become corroded with weather and normal wear from driving. This isn’t only a problem for the vehicle owner that has to replace their brakes more often than they should, but it also poses a safety issue. Brake pads that break down under rust and corrosion can cause brake failure and even car accidents.

There is now a solution to the rust and corrosion problem. NRS Brakes have brought to market a galvanized brake pad that doesn’t succumb to rust and corrosion during even the toughest conditions.

Let’s take a look at exactly why the NRS Galvanized Brake Pads are the best brake pads on the market today.

A Big Brake Recall

Rust and corrosion are problems that vehicle manufacturers have battled for years. Most recently there was a recall of over 292,000 Mercedes R, ML, and GL class SUVs from the years 2006 through 2012. Mercedes has admitted there seems to be a problem with moisture in the brake housing unit. The moisture has caused corrosion in all of the above vehicles' brake systems, which puts the driver at risk of possible accidents and at best, an underperforming brake.

When brakes corrode and rust like this, it isn’t a temporary problem that will solve itself. Mercedes admits that drivers would have a maximum driving period of only two years under the condition of their current brake pads.

The Solution: NRS Galvanized Brake Pads

One of the problems that rust and corrosion can cause is the delamination of the friction material within the brake pad. NRS Brakes have solved this problem with quality galvanized steel construction that attaches to a premium friction material through a method much stronger than that used by most traditional brake pads.

Not only does the galvanized plating ensure that NRS brake pads never rust or corrode, but it also keeps them from delaminating. Unlike most brakes that use a weak adhesive, these brake pads are secured through a patented NRS Technology with galvanized hooks that creates an indestructible bond that can’t be beat by corrosion.

In addition to all of this, NRS brakes are manufactured with a quality Zinc plating that promises a durability beyond the lifetime of most after-market brakes. The fact that they are galvanized also means they are paint free, copper free, and 100% recyclable. In addition, NRS Brakes are the quietest brakes on the market, built with a custom designed piston cushion that absorbs vibrations to minimize noise while driving.

Conclusion: NRS Brake Pads are Built to Last


Not only has there finally been a rust and corrosion solution brought to market by NRS Brakes, but the company also goes above and beyond in sourcing the best components to manufacture its brake pads. Having proved they can stand the test of time, and overcome the issues of rust and corrosion, NRS Galvanized Brake Pads have been solidified as the best brake pads on the market. Get your own set of NRS Galvanized Brake Pads today!

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