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NRS Brake Pads: Why They Are the Best

There is a dizzying variety of brake pad choices available. How do you know which one is right for you? Simple. You pick the set of NRS brake pads designed for your vehicle. There are a lot of reasons to love NRS brake pads. But here are our favorites.

Built to Last

Most brake pads aren’t built to last. Traditional brake pads use a steel backing which is prone to corrosion. The backing is then coated in paint to protect it against rust. This works for a short while. But the heat caused by normal braking and the moisture in the air cause the paint to flake. This exposes the steel underneath which begins to rust.

NRS brake pads use a fully galvanized backing. The galvanization process involves plating the backing with a layer of zinc. Zinc is naturally corrosion resistant. And, since galvanization is a chemical process, the zinc plating won’t chip or peel. This extends the life of NRS brake pads well beyond traditional brakes.

Better For the Environment

The friction of normal braking causes some of the brake pad’s friction material to come off as brake dust. Brake dust is composed of whatever was used to make the brake pad. In traditional brake pads, this means an ugly combination of toxins like paint, copper, and lead.

NRS brake pads don’t use paint, copper, or lead in their construction. And therefore, they are free of polluting toxins.

There is no accepted method of recycling traditional brake pads. This means they either rust in a landfill, leaching their toxins into the soil, or they are burned. The smoke from these fires is laden with those same toxins which pollute our atmosphere.

NRS brake pads are 100% recyclable. This means that when it finally comes time to replace yours, they won’t damage the environment.

Quiet Braking

Did you know that your brake pads could add to your car’s driving noise? Traditional brake pads use a simple adhesive to attach the friction material of the pad to the brake backing. The heat generated during normal braking can cause this adhesive to soften. Over time this creates vibration between the pad and the backing, adding to driving noise.

NRS brake pads don’t use an adhesive. Instead, they use a patented process to mechanically fuse the backing to the friction material. This permanently joins the two and eliminates any potential vibration.

Additionally, NRS brake pad kits come with a special piston cushion. The cushion absorbs vibrations from the piston. This further reduces brake noise. Plus, the cushion protects the cap of the caliper piston. This extends the life of the caliper.

Ready to Make the Switch

These are just a few reasons to love our brake pads. But the bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with NRS brake pads. Whatever your vehicle, NRS makes a set of galvanized brake pads that will meet your needs. Ready to learn more? Check out our website to learn what NRS brake pads can do for you!


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