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5 Reasons Why Your Mercedes-Benz E400 Brakes Should Be Serviced Regularly

Too often we don’t think about our brakes until we need them. But if you’ve been letting your brakes look after themselves, you aren’t getting the most out of your Mercedes-Benz E400. There are a ton of reasons to take care of your brakes but here are our top 5.

Quieter Ride

By their very nature, brakes are designed to wear. Even with high quality brake pads, the action of braking takes its toll. And as they wear, brakes will become noisier. Even a little brake creaking sounds like nails on a chalkboard when it shatters the whisper-quiet ride of your Mercedes-Benz E400.

Regular service catches brake pad wear before it ruins your quiet ride. Furthermore, investing in quality brake pads that are noise dampening, like NRS brake pads, even makes your E400 a quieter ride than it was before.

Better Fuel Economy

When you press the brakes, the caliper closes. This pushes the friction material of the brake pad against the brake disc. The resulting friction slows the car. But it also removes some of the friction material. Over time, this means the brakes must exert more force to come to a stop. More force means more fuel, killing your Mercedes-Benz’s fuel economy.

The solution is simple. Regular maintenance replaces brake pads before they guzzle your fuel. This improves your E400’s fuel efficiency and means that you don’t spend as much time swiping your card at the pump.

More Responsive Driving

Another side effect of wear is sluggish stopping. The brake pad gets thinner as it wears away. That means the caliper must move farther to press it against the disc. And you have to press the brake pedal harder. All that translates to a less responsive ride.

Regular service keeps your Mercedes in performance shape and ensures your E400 stays the ride you fell in love with.


Routinely serviced brakes keep you safer. That probably isn’t news to you. What you may not know is faulty brakes are responsible for around 300,000 car accidents each year. That number is especially tragic considering how easy this is to avoid.

The cost of brake service is minor when compared to the cost of repairing your Mercedes-Benz after a crash.

Save Money

Your Mercedes-Benz E400 is a beautiful machine that relies on each part to work together in harmony. Your brakes are just one part of that impressive system. But as they start to age, their slack is picked up by the rest of your vehicle. That puts strain on your entire drive system.

That increased strain causes other parts of your E400 to wear out prematurely. If you aren’t careful, you can find yourself with a whole lot of parts that need to be replaced all at once. That gets expensive really quick! Routine maintenance on your brakes prevents all that, keeping your annual maintenance bill manageable.

NRS Brakes are the best choice for your Mercedes-Benz E400

There are a ton of reasons to get your E400’s brakes serviced regularly. But there is also something you can do to extend the time between service visits. You can invest in quality brake pads. High quality brake pads, like NRS galvanized brake pads, extend the life of your brake pads. That means that regular service becomes less frequent which puts money back in your pocket without compromising your Mercedes-Benz.

Don’t waste another day getting substandard performance out of your brake pads. Invest in a set of NRS galvanized brake pads for your Mercedes-Benz E400 today.

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