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NRS Galvanized Brake Pads for your Hino 195 Fleet

The Hino 195 is a clear favorite among urban operators, tow-truckers, and pretty much everyone hauling, transporting, or delivering. If you own one or more, you know it’s very comfortable and safe.

The cab-over engine design is on point, and it was specifically made for the North American market, with a lot of great safety features. It’s made with the best materials available, and has excellent aerodynamics. It has won awards and is praised everywhere for its reliability and performance.

But you already know all of that. That’s why you chose the Hino 195 in the first place. Driving with reliable and safe equipment is good for business, after all. The same should go for maintenance: safe and reliable, right?

Not always, as the cost of maintenance and new parts can be expensive. So how to choose good parts, managing safety, quality, and cost? Well, we can help with that.

NRS Brakes: Long Term Solution

Well, a good way to save money on maintenance, while also having the safety and quality of the Hino 195 operators in mind at all times, is to choose the NRS Hino 195 brake pads. The secret is the incredible technology behind it: the zinc plates steel construction of the pad makes it the longest lasting pad in the world.

The friction materials were designed to exceed OEM standards, and were tested to the breaking point. That alone should appeal to most operators and Hino 195 owners. However, the main factor for choosing NRS Brakes for your Hino brake pads is how long you can operate with them.

NRS Brakes has achieved such incredible longevity because of the innovative patented NRStm technology. The friction materials are essentially mechanically attached to the back of the plate, creating an indestructible bond.

Keep the Hino 195 Brake Pads Intact

But there’s more: the backing plates are fully galvanized, and stay in place via a patented mechanical attachment. That means an extra layer of protection against corrosion, rust, and cracking.

That’s another reason why it’s the best cost-effective braking pad system out there. Without having to worry about corrosion, you can use your Hino 195 for longer periods without needing to stop for maintenance.

Corroded or rusted braking pads are very dangerous, especially when dealing with a medium-duty vehicle like the Hino 195 that is usually operated in urban environments with a lot of different risk factors.

Avoiding accidents or problems should be the number one concern on every operator’s mind in that scenario, because of pedestrians, cyclists and the constant braking-and-going of a city.

Good for the Hino 195, Even Better for Your Wallet

With less corrosion, longer lasting times, and greater performance, any operator will save money in the long run by choosing the NRS Hino 195 brake pads. Simply the best brake pads for a cost-benefit analysis, and also for the safety of the operator.

Check it out now on our website: Don’t waste money and don’t risk the safety of your operation. Go for NRS Brakes.

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