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Free Shipping on all orders USA & Canada. Call US 1-877-677-2725

NRS Galvanized Brake Pads Awarded Best Brake Pads by AutoGuide

For the third consecutive year in a row, NRS Brakes has earned AutoGuide Editor's Choice Award for Best Brakes Pads. The company has proved its place at the top of the brake pad market, offering the longest lasting, quietest brake pad in the world.

Being awarded this honor for three consecutive years doesn’t happen by chance. There is a reason NRS Brakes stands atop the competition. Let’s take a look at exactly what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Awarded Best Brake Pads for a Reason

Proudly located in Canada and the USA, NRS Brakes has the largest selection of galvanized brake pads available. The company has packages for all vehicles, small and large. They have boiled down the process of creating the best brakes to an exact science that has an emphasis on durability and advanced noise cancelation features.

Brake Pads that Last the Longest

NRS brakes outperform traditional brakes with their specially designed galvanized brake pads. Most after-market brake pads use a painted back plate and weak adhesive to bond the friction material with the plate backing. These quickly break down under normal driving conditions and lead drivers back to the store to buy another set of brake pads. What is special about NRS Brakes is that their brake pads are galvanized. Their zinc protected plate battles the corrosion and rust that defeat most other brake pads.

NRS Brakes also has a PACE award winning Retention System. Unlike traditionally used adhesives, the mechanical retention in the galvanized hooks NRS uses on its backing plate don’t lead to breakdown and delamination. This is a huge problem with many after-market brake pads, but the superb durability in NRS Brakes makes for a much longer service life, and ultimately a safer driving experience. NRS also goes above and beyond when the long life of their brake pads is finally finished. The environmental friendliness of their brake pads is attributed to the paint free, copper free, and 100% recyclable products they use.

Quietest Brake Pads on the Market

Not only are they the most durable, NRS Brakes are also the quietest. Working to solve one of the most aggravating issues drivers face, friction and vibration while driving. These are the two main causes of the horrific screechy loud noises that can happen while operating normal after-market brakes.

To solve this issue, NRS has developed the Noise-Canceling Piston Cushion that helps mitigate problems within the brake caliper and brake pad rotor interface. The technology absorbs friction and vibration while the brakes are in use, reducing noise levels by up to 90%. The best part about this device is that it comes included in every galvanized brake kit.

There is No Reason to Wait

NRS Brakes has proven through impressive innovation that they have the best brake pads on the market. The company brings game-changing technology in every brake pad package, no matter the size or function of the vehicle. NRS Galvanized Brake Pads endure through the toughest conditions under any kind of driving. Finally, we have brake pads that are built to last. Grab your own set of the award-winning NRS Galvanized Brake Pads today!

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