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Keeping an Electric Car in Top Condition


Do you own an electric vehicle? There are several benefits to owning an electric car, such as not relying on expensive gasoline to fuel your vehicle.

Another benefit to owning an electric car is that you don’t need to perform as much maintenance because it has fewer lubricating fluids which need to get replaced. Also, the regenerative braking mechanism puts less strain on the brake pads when slowing down the vehicle.

However, the appropriate actions must still get taken to keep your electric car in top-notch condition. Your electric vehicle may not have an internal combustion engine, but it still has tires, brakes, and a powertrain that need your utmost consideration. That is why you must conduct regular mechanical inspections and replace common parts like you would for standard gasoline vehicles.


Electric Car Maintenance Tips

The electric motor and battery pack are the two most critical components of an electric car. They are the primary power sources that activate the powertrain and keep it moving smoothly for a safe and secure drive. So you must do everything possible to ensure less strain is on these two essential components.

Here are three maintenance tips to help you extend the life of your electric car and keep it in top condition.


1) Install Galvanized Brake Pads

An electric car may depend more on an electric motor to slow down each time you step on the brake pedal, but its braking system can still accumulate a lot of moisture and corrosion. Brake pads can quickly deteriorate if subjected to constant moisture and corrosion. That is why you would benefit more from installing galvanized brake pads into your electric vehicle.

Galvanized brake pads are some of the best brake pads you could ever install in an electric car because they are resistant to moisture, water, corrosion, rust, and bad weather conditions. They contain a durable steel construction with zinc plating for maximum protection against these hazardous elements responsible for wear and tear. Then you can safely slow down and stop your electric vehicle without putting too much strain on the essential components of the powertrain.


2) Coolant Flushing

Electric car batteries require a more robust cooling system to prevent overheating. Since 100% of the power demand gets placed on the electric car battery pack, there must be high-quality refrigerant in the cooling system. So if you don’t flush and replace the refrigerant periodically, it won’t do as good a job cooling the battery. Then it could lead to battery damage and the inability to drive your vehicle.


3) Tire Rotations

Don’t forget about performing tire rotations on your electric vehicle every 10,000 miles because they incur significant wear and tear from the car’s massive weight. Tire rotations help extend the lifespan of your tires and decrease the strain put on the electric battery.


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