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High-Performance EV Brake Pads: Do You Need Them?

Today’s High-Performance EVs come with a multitude of features. From the one-pedal driving experience to regenerative braking, there is no denying the incredible advancements made in electric vehicles. Considering all the high-performing elements that come with your EV, you may be wondering: Do I need high-performance EV brake pads too?

Each vehicle owner should have their own set of criteria to determine which brake pads are best for them. With that being said, the vast majority of EV owners will absolutely benefit from outfitting their vehicle with high-performance EV brake pads.

There is a lot to go over when it comes to high-performance EV brake pads, so let’s dive right in.

Best Brake Pads for Regenerative Braking

Modern electric vehicles are outfitted with a regenerative braking system. This system affords the car to both return kinetic energy back to the battery and help slow the car down without impacting the brake pads or rotors.

Regenerative braking has its benefits. There are, however, still many times when EV owners will have to rely on conventional brakes. For example, EVs depend on brake pads and rotors to stop the car during short, panic stops. In a situation where you need to stop your EV on a dime, you’ll have to rely on a high-performance brake pad like NRS’s Galvanized Brake Pads.

The premium friction materials used by NRS Brakes in all of our brake pads ensure that you’ll be able to stop your car as fast as you need to. More importantly, NRS Brakes durable construction guarantees that you’ll be able to make these short and precise stops throughout the lifetime of the brake pad.

Brake Pads Built with EVs in Mind

An important factor that EV owners have to consider when purchasing brake pads is the weight of their car. Because of the car’s design and extra batteries, EVs weigh significantly more than a comparable combustion engine vehicle. Over time, this extra weight puts a considerable amount of stress on the brake pads.

The extra weight of a high-performance electric vehicle can put enough pressure on the braking system of the car to actually break conventional brake pads. The adhesion used on conventional brake pads often isn’t strong enough to withstand the excess weight from the car. This can lead to the backing plates of conventional brake pads to separate, delaminate, and underperform or fail altogether.

This leads us to why most EV owners choose high-performance brake pads like NRS Brakes. NRS Brakes galvanized design uses a series of specially made galvanized hooks to secure the pad and backing plate together. Unlike conventional brake pads, NRS Brakes uses absolutely no glue or other adhesives. This ensures a REAL BOND, and solidifies the strength and capabilities of your EV brake pads down the line.

So, Does Your High-Performance EV really need High-Performance Brake Pads?

Chances are, your high-performance EV does need high-performance brake pads. Considering the incredible capabilities of your EV – both in speed and stopping power – you’ll need a high-performance brake pad to keep up with all your vehicle’s demands.

NRS Brakes high-performance galvanized brake pads have the construction and materials to ensure your EV stays safe on the road throughout the life of the brake pads. To really get all that your high-performance EV has to offer, you can’t go wrong with choosing high-performance brake pads to match. NRS Galvanized Brake Pads are the best brake pads on the market for high-performance EVs. Treat your EV to the highest quality brake pads and grab yourself a set of NRS Brake Pads today!

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