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Top 7 Reasons for Considering an Electric Vehicle Today

Many people have already made the big switch from gasoline to electric, with millions more in line. Unfortunately, there are still many more people who are hesitant to make the leap for whatever reason. Today we provide 7 excellent reasons you should consider an electric vehicle today.

Reason 1: There’s More Choice Than Ever

Once upon a time it may have been true that your choice of electric cars was limited to a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model S, however this is no longer the case. Most major car manufacturers now offer at least one electric model, with more and more arriving in every model year. From more humble and ordinary brands to the luxurious end of the spectrum, there is an EV to suit every taste and budget.

Reason 2: The Range Gap is Closing

So-called “range anxiety” has long been held up as the main reason people don’t want to switch to EVs. They’re petrified of being caught in the middle of nowhere with no charge, and no means to get the car refueled without a flatbed truck to carry it off. Many new EVs have ranges of 200+ miles, making them more than sufficient for the daily needs of many. At the high end, ranges have reached 450+ miles. Gone are those days of max range in the under-100-mile area.

Reason 3: Federal Grants are Still in Place

The US has been especially generous with grants when it comes to EV uptake. To those who buy a new EV, the government has been willing to provide up to $7,500 of the cost. It’s already being phased out for Tesla and GM models, but it remains available on newer EV models where sales haven’t yet hit the 200,000-unit sales threshold. When you factor in these grants, large or small, they start to close the price gap between EVs and gasoline cars.

Reason 4: EVs are Cheaper to Run

Even if you spend more money getting your EV onto your driveway, it will invariably be cheaper to run than any gasoline car you could name. Whereas regular car drivers are at the mercy of gas prices wherever they go, EV drivers have more choice day by day. For instance, they can choose to charge their car and program the settings as such, only when electricity prices are at their lowest.

Reason 5: You Have the Option of Used

EVs have now been around long enough for many high-quality used models to enter the market, making EV ownership more affordable than ever. Let’s take Tesla as an example. Why not pick up a Tesla that’s only 2 years old? The battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 miles. What’s more, you can still upgrade a used Tesla with digital upgrades to make it like new, including installation of Autopilot and/or Full Self-Driving Mode.

Reason 6: Charging Has Never Been Easier

You’ll no longer have to line up at gas stations to get your car refueled when you switch to an EV. If you have space --- as many suburban and other non-city-dwelling people do --- you can install a charging station at your home and take control of all of your “fueling” needs. Just plug in the car overnight and it’s easy to maintain the charge at needed levels.

Even if you do come to rely on public charging stations, their numbers are increasing constantly, including DC fast chargers that add up to 100 miles of range back into your car in minutes.

Reason 7: Become Part of the Solution

Finally, another reason to make the switch to an EV is that it’s critical that more individuals take steps to cut down their carbon footprint, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to making our local and global environments better. Electric cars are a big part of the net-zero carbon future, and the more of us who answer the call to drive EVs, the closer we get to that goal.

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