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Detroit M.I.- March 7th, 2001 - NUCAP Industries, one of North America's premier manufactures for brake system components, has won the prestigious PACE 2001 Award for Innovation in Manufacturing Process, for its NRS Brake Plate system.

The Innovation in Manufacturing Process award is one of eight awards presented annually by PACE - the Premier Automotive Suppliers Contributions to Excellence - honoring automotive suppliers who have embraced innovation in product, technology, process, and management practices.

"We're very pleased with our participation in the 2001 PACE Awards", says Ray Arbesman, Founder and President of NUCAP and inventor of NRS. "To be nominated tells us that our vision of growth through innovation is paying benefits. To win, well that's the icing on the cake. It lets us stand back and see what we've achieved, through the eyes of our industry".

Peter Hajjar, VP of Global Business Development for NUCAP, added, "Participation within the PACE nomination and review process was a defining moment for NUCAP. It drove us to re-examine and re-evaluate our history of innovation. NRS Safe represents just the most recent example of a long line of process and product evolution, and this award just spurs us forward in our development of the next innovation."

NRS Safe, the breakthrough brake plate system that led to the award, differs from competitive products by bringing the safety of mechanical lock to the bond between brake plates and brake friction material.

For the first time, the friction adheres directly to the plate, via the NRS hooks that are an integral part of the plate itself, without the addition of any other element (adhesive, welded clip, sintered metal, etc). But, what makes NRS truly impressive is the development of manufacturing processes and tooling that allows NUCAP to mass-produce NRS Safe at costs equaling those for standard brake plates.

NUCAP Industries, formed in 1994 by Arbesman, has grown to global prominence in the manufacture of brake system components. NUCAP supplies components to all major friction manufacturers in North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. NRS Safe has been integrated into OE, QES and Aftermarket brake products by the majority of the major Friction Manufacturers, and is in testing or in pilot with over 30 additional companies worldwide.

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