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NRS Brakes Notches Top Placements in AutoGuide and TopSpeed Rankings

There’s a reason that NRS Brakes regularly tops “best of” brake pad lists: Actually, there are a lot of reasons.

AutoGuide recently gave the company its top 2 spots in its “Top 13 Best Brake Pads for Your Car” list, ranking NRS Brakes the best of the best with “editor’s pick” for rear brake pads and for front brake pads. The automotive news and review site lauded the use of galvanized steel, which fends off corrosion and delamination.

“NRS Brakes’ galvanized steel will ensure that the steel does not deteriorate and gives the friction the opportunity to fully wear down, making it the longest lasting brake pad in the market,” according to the review. “The payoffs are two-fold: NRS brakes can outlast traditional pads, while also offering quieter operation and improved braking performance. What’s more, the company tests all its brakes beyond the standards required of OEMs.”

Noting that front brakes are even more important than back because cars lean heavily on the front axle during braking, AutoGuide recommends “a full set of NRS pads.”

In addition, TopSpeed highlights NRS Brakes’ brake pads at #1 in its Best Brake Pads 2021 list. Hailing the galvanized brake pads as “the longest-lasting currently on the market,” the feature emphasizes the rarity—and strength and durability—of galvanized steel in brake pads today. With daily news and reviews focusing on cars and motorcycles in the North American market, TopSpeed is a consumer advocate that shares the latest industry developments.

Designed for secure, safer stops, brake pads from NRS Brakes stand out in every season—making auto reviewers’ best-rated lists for a variety of reasons.

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