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NRS Brakes adds to its quickly expanding NRS-EV line for electric and hybrids with its first-to-market galvanized brake pad kit for the Japanese-made hybrid Hino 195H.

Just like passenger vehicles, hybrid cargo haulers utilize regenerative braking during deceleration to recharge their batteries, this means less friction on your brake pads. While that might seem like a good thing, over time it leads to problems like moisture buildup and corrosion, which can cause brake noise, pad separation and delamination – keeping your hybrid fleet off the road and in the shop.

NRS-EV Galvanized Brakes are the first brake pads specifically engineered for EVs and hybrids. Built with rust-resistant galvanized steel, they can withstand conditions that lead to failure in traditional brake pads, withstand harsh environments, and eliminate pad separation and breakdown. All NRS Brake kits include ultra-premium friction material, award-winning NRSTM mechanical attachment technology and fully galvanized steel backing plates. Without mechanical attachment, brakes will fail to operate as necessary, resulting in less effective and dangerous braking. NRS Brakes will never rust, corrode or delaminate over the life of the brake pad, meaning longer-lasting, safer brakes and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

The NRS-EV line is environmentally friendly too. They contain only unpainted galvanized steel, zero copper, or lead, making them the greenest brake pads on the market. And NRS-EV brake pads are rigorously tested in one of the world's most advanced brake testing labs, ensuring quality, efficiency and an accurate fit for your hybrid and EV.

NRS Brakes’ NRS-EV Galvanized Brake Pads for Hino 195H is one of over sixty new SKUs released for 2020 makes and models. Stay tuned for more exciting releases and additions to NRS’ standard and EV line-ups.

To view a complete listing of NRS galvanized brake pads and vehicle compatibility, visit our website at

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