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NUCAP Energy develops state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to improve the efficiency in thermal applications.

Toronto, ON: NUCAP Energy, a new subset of NUCAP Industries Inc., launches an engineered surface material designed to substantially increase efficiency of heat transfer in thermal applications and to improve capacity of energy storage systems. The technology promotes the heat transfer process by using GRIPMetal, a unique and patented non-subtractive process that increases metal surface area without adding weight, which allows manufacturers to reduce the size and weight of their products.

“GRIPMetal evolved from NUCAP’s award winning NRS technology designed to create mechanical bonding between the friction material and the steel backing plate,” says Montu Khokhar, CEO of NRS Brakes. “Our patented technology has been successfully applied in more than one billion brake pads over the last 21 years.”

“NUCAP Energy was the natural next step to offer GRIPMetal technology to the many industries that could benefit from this revolutionary technology to improve heat transfer and energy storage processes.” says John Swift, VP of Energy Solutions. “The design of GRIPMetal’s surface increases the thermal performance of products in many industries across the globe, including transportation, computing, HVAC, power generation, aerospace, and renewable energy.” Highlights of NUCAP Energy technology include:

  • 80% more surface area without increase of gross material weight.
  • Increase of structural strength of composite materials.
  • Substantial increase of thermal conductivity between layers of a composite material (thousands of hooks penetrate adjacent materials, increasing the overall rate of heat transfer).
About NUCAP Energy: Canadian-based NUCAP Energy is a pioneer material manufacturer dedicated to finding solutions for improving the efficiency of thermal processes. NUCAP Energy is a division of NUCAP Industries Inc., the parent company of NRS Brakes and GRIPMetal. GRIPMetal processing is available through our manufacturing plants in Canada and the USA. For more information on NUCAP Energy and its technology, visit or contact
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