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Does Your Ford Mustang Need a Brake Repair?

If you're a proud owner of a Ford Mustang, it's important to keep it in good condition. One way to do that is by periodically getting brake repairs done.


Below we will talk about five signs that your Ford Mustang needs a brake repair and why you should invest in NRS' Ford Brake Pads for your next one. By replacing your brake pads when the problem starts, you can reduce the likelihood of more expensive repairs like rotor troubles.

#1 Strange Noises

We are all familiar with this sound. If when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, you hear grinding or squeaking, it is time for new pads. A metallic squealing sound is another surefire sign that the pads have started to wear out. This can be a very simple repair where only replacement pads are needed.

#2 Brake Light Is On

When that red or yellow light on your dashboard comes on, it is time to get your brakes inspected. If you aren't familiar with checking the brake light, many local auto part stores and repair shops will do a free inspection for you. This means they will measure the pads, test the fluid and check the system before you decide on which repairs to make.

#3 A Squishy Pedal

Stepping on the brake pedal and experiencing a spongy sensation and the need to push harder on the pedal to stop usually is a sign that brake fluid is leaking from your car's system. This is not a symptom you want to ignore. The problem could be in the master cylinder, or it could be moisture in the system. It is a repair that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

#4 Burning Chemical Smell

A burning chemical smell when braking is usually a sign that the system is overheated after repeated braking. If this happens while driving, you should pull over and let your brakes cool down a bit. Make sure to call a mechanic if you are inexperienced and have them check the condition of your brakes and your fluid to see what repairs are needed.


#5 A Vibrating Steering Wheel

If your car feels wobbly, like it is pulling to one side or the steering wheel vibrates when you step on the brake pedal, this is a symptom of a rotor that is uneven and needs repairs. This is not uncommon, and a qualified mechanic can make these repairs for you. Make sure to fix this problem quickly after it surfaces to avoid more damage.


If you are looking for Ford brake pads, one of the best is NRS's Ford brake pads. They have 1000s of rust-resistant galvanized brake pads that feature NRS Safe, an award-winning breakthrough brake plate system in which the friction is attached directly to the plate itself without adhesive, welded clips, or sintered metal. When your Ford Mustang is on the road, you can be assured of the longest-lasting and quietest brakes on the market today.


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