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6 Smart Tips to Keep Your EV Driving Smoothly

One of the biggest concerns of every driver who owns an EV is that it could run out of battery while out for a ride. The key here is to be familiar with internal and external factors that could affect the vehicle's power. One prominent feature of an EV that riders can rely on for smooth functioning is its brake pads. Many drivers anticipate that maintaining a smooth drive may be very technical and complicated. In reality, all you need are the best brake pads, along with some straightforward tips to focus on.


Marking an essential and small checklist regarding your tires can help increase the life of your tires as well as the range of your EV. Before you ride, you need to inspect whether the tire contains a certain pressure level and ensure you find no irregular wear or cuts on the tires. Higher or lower pressure and any damages to the external rubber of the tire can hinder the smooth running of your EV.


One way to retain the power of your EV is to use the heater wisely during winter. Try not to leave it on for long periods since it will drain your battery faster. The good news is that this does not apply to heated seats and steering wheels. You could try pre-heating the car when it is plugged in for those who do not have these features. That way, you will be welcomed by a warm vehicle, and your EV can preserve energy.


The problem with leaving the heater extends to the AC as well. The best alternative is to roll down the windows in summer. However, if it is polluted outside or it ruins your hair, then plan B is to turn the fan on while the compressor stays off. Plan A may slightly decrease the vehicle's operating range due to greater aerodynamic drag, but it guarantees a sustained battery. After all, there is always the option of pre-cooling the car while it is charging.


Weight is another factor that affects the efficiency of a smooth-running EV. The more the weight, the more energy it will have to consume. You can keep your trunk as light as possible with the least cargo. You could also avoid external accessories for the vehicle, which may cause a more significant aerodynamic drag.


Surprisingly, the way you get to your destination will also affect the smooth running of your EV vehicle. An intelligent way to choose your route is to avoid highways or expressways because high-speed roads take up a lot more energy from your vehicle. No one wishes to have to stop in the middle of nowhere to recharge their batteries, so it is better to choose a route that takes a little longer for you to reach but ensures a stress-free ride.

EV Brake Pads

Successfully following the suggestions mentioned above will be in vain if you do not have suitable brake pads for your EV. To free yourself of the worry, you can separately purchase new and improved brake pads specially designed for your EV vehicle. NRS Brakes offer rust-resistant galvanized steel, noise-canceling, premium friction materials, and patented NRS technology brake pads. Our brakes include no paint, no copper, and no lead in order to play our part in protecting the environment.

Message us at to deliver relevant information on buying the best EV brake pads. Head over to where you can count on us for product quality for your EV.

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