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6 Best Practices To Extend The Life Of Your Brake Pads

When it comes to car maintenance, keeping your brakes in good condition is vital. Not only do brake pads play a significant role in stopping your car, but they can also affect your driving experience. The brake pads on your car are one of the items to keep an eye on. It is a good idea to check them every few months and make sure they're not wearing down too fast. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can help extend the life of your brake pads and keep them performing at their best.


It is no secret that brake pads play a critical role in the stopping power of your car. What may not be known to everyone is how best to take care of, and extend the life of, your brake pads. Here is a list of ways to extend the life of your brake pads:

1. Avoid Excessive Speeding

Braking is the number one cause of premature brake pad wear. It is crucial to know that coming to a complete stop from 105 kilometers per hour will force your pads to dissipate 33% more energy than if you stopped at 85 kilometers per hour. Brake pads become worn out more quickly every time you have a sudden brake. If you slow down just a little bit, your car's brake pad will last much longer.

2. Flush Your Brakes

The best way to keep your car's brakes in top form is with a brake flush. This low-cost procedure cleans everything up, removing any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over time, while also eliminating air bubbles from the system so that you can experience maximum car performance every single trip.

3. Keep Your Car Light Weight

People who tend to keep a lot of items in their car may want to reconsider driving in heavy traffic. The added weight can lead you down the path towards brake pad deterioration and wear, which definitely won't do when it comes time for those unexpected stops.

4. Regular Maintenance

Brake pads should always be inspected for wear and tear, so that they can last as long as possible. Professional mechanics at an auto repair shop will conduct regular brake inspections to ensure they continue working properly to keep you safe on the road.

5. Drive Slowly

Sudden braking is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving, and it is something that should be done very carefully. To avoid damage on your brakes when slowing down (like at an inconvenient time like traffic), try gently stepping off the brakes and coasting, when possible .

6. Buy Quality Brake Pads

If you notice that there are changes to your braking system, it might be time for new brake pads! Brakes are also used when parking so if you have ever had trouble stopping or jerked forward when coming to a stop, this could be caused by worn-out brake pads. Checking your brakes regularly will help avoid any problems in the future!

NRS provides the longest lasting brake pad systems in the world. At NRS Brakes, we believe in giving customers what they need. Our NRS brake pads are designed to work properly on your brake pads making sure you have the same stopping power throughout the life of the entire brake pad. If you have questions about which setup is right for your vehicle, contact us today!

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