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Galvanized Brake Pads: Lifespan and Costs


Galvanized brake pads with premium friction materials are the best brake pads for your electric vehicles because they last longer than traditional ceramic and organic ones. Their zinc-plated steel gives the brake pads more resistance to heat, corrosion, moisture, and harsh weather conditions. But these are only a few reasons why galvanized steel brake pads have a longer lifespan.


The Lifespan

Standard brake pads will last between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. On the other hand, galvanized brake pads can give you between 50,000 to 100,000 miles of life before they need to get replaced. They do not even require as much maintenance because electric vehicle braking systems put less strain on their brake pads than the hydraulic braking systems found in gasoline vehicles.

Electric vehicle braking depends more on electric motors to slow down and stop. It puts far less strain on the brake pads each time you step on the brake pedal because they incur less friction and heat. Since the friction material doesn’t endure as much wear and tear, it lasts much longer than it would in a hydraulic braking system.

In addition, the galvanized brake pads feature premium friction material and patented NRS technology for even more longevity. The premium friction material doesn’t degrade as quickly, while the NRS technology ensures the friction material stays firmly attached to the steel backing plate. That is how the galvanized brake pads can create more secure and safer stops for the motorist without their quality diminishing.

Here is a summary of why galvanized brake pads last longer:

  • Zinc plating for added longevity

  • Resistance to rust, corrosion, water, moisture, and harsh weather conditions

  • Less noise and vibrations

  • No copper or paint

  • Galvanized steel construction with premium friction materials

  • Electric vehicles put less strain on the friction materials

  • The NRS technology firmly secures the friction material to the steel backing plate for the best bond.

When you have driven over 50,000 miles using your galvanized brake pads, you should inspect them more often to ensure they remain strong and durable. But if you are a responsible driver who does not brake hard or fast, there is no reason why you cannot get more than 50,000 miles out of your galvanized brake pads.


The Costs

The NRS Brakes store has several high-quality galvanized brake pad products to accommodate the most common makes and models of electric vehicles driven today. We have galvanized brake pads priced under $100 and over $300. The front brake pads are usually a little more expensive than the rear brake pads. However, they are all made of the same galvanized steel construction with premium friction materials.

Sure, you may have to pay $100 more than you would for traditional ceramic brake pads, but the investment is well worth it. Galvanized brake pads last twice as long and give you safer and more secure stopping power each time you step on the brake pedal. This helps prevent unnecessary accidents so that you have less risk of car damage or personal injury.


Therefore, you can benefit immensely from upgrading the brake pads of your electric or hybrid vehicle to galvanized brake pads.


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