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Free Shipping on all orders USA & Canada. Call US 1-877-677-2725
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Now Available In Michigan!

Experience NRS Galvanized Brake Pads for yourself at the following Auto Value locations:

Auto Value

546 N Mechanic St
Jackson, MI 49201 (517) 782-0411

Auto Value

2203 Wildwood Ave
Jackson, MI 49202 (517) 787-2234

Auto Value

317 W Prospect St
Jackson, MI 49203 (517) 787-2886

Auto Value

3300 E Michigan Ave,
Jackson, MI 49202 (517) 783-2627

Why Galvanized?

Right out of the box, galvanized NRS Brakes have a technology you can see. Rust resistant, unpainted galvanized steel with zinc plating incorporates an award-winning attachment technology called NRSTM

Right out of the box, Galvanized NRS Brakes have a technology you can see. Rust resistant, unpainted Galvanized Steel that incorporates an award winning attachment technology called NRSTM

The Next Generation Brake Pad Is Galvanized

Advantages of Galvanized Pads vs. Traditional Pads

Advantages of Galvanized Pads vs.Traditional Pads

Corrosion Resistant

Zinc plating technology ensures that brake pads are properly protected, preventing corrosion.

Environmentally Friendly

Galvanized brake pads are paint FREE, copper FREE,
and 100% recyclable.

Less Vibration, Less Noise

NRS brakes patented galvanized mechanical attachment NRSTM eliminates chances of separation between friction material and the backing plate

Built to Last

Zinc plating has a proven history
– a technology that has been around
for hundreds of years.

A Match for Harsh Environments

Galvanization can withstand harsh environments without the fear of delamination or separation.

Optimal Performance

Perfect fit, shorter stopping distances
and resistance against rust, allows zinc plated brake pads to outperform traditional pads

NRS Brake Pads are the world’s best.
But don’t take our word for it.

NRS Galvanized Brake Pads Are Featured On

Thousands have tried and say
NRS are the last brake pad they will ever use

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Best Pads on The Market

Bought a set of pads front and back for my Tesla Model S and wow the price is right and the quality is amazing. Can't wait to see how the hold up.


Posted by Customer / February 22, 2021

2017 Tesla Model S

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World Best Brakes Pads

Last longer than OEM Brakes, will not rust and 99% quiet, less breaks dust and less wear, had this for 2 years on my car and the brakes pads still good. Got wait for another 2 years to see if need to replace.


Posted by phuoc (Arlington, TX) / October 06, 2020

2005 Honda Odyssey

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Steel That Doesn't Rust

I find that these brake pads have an edge over their counterparts. They are galvanized, zinc coated and thus – totally rustproof. They won’t corrode just like my old brake pads. NRS promises them to serve really long. And they seem to live up to promises. Quiet operation. Great durability. Plus, these guys claim to have mechanical attachment just like OE pads, since they are galvanized I can see that they do.


Posted by Algeni (Kemmerer, WY) / May 05, 2019

2010 VW Beetle

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The Longest Lasting Brake Pads I’ve Ever Had

I’m definitely impressed with these brake pads. They perform as good as my stock pads, but wear slower. Have driven in both wet and dry weather with no annoying noise from the front brakes. Of course, they are not for racing, but this is what the doctor ordered for regular commutes.


Posted by Donald (Anguilla, MS) / May 02, 2019

2004 Ford F-150

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