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Free Shipping on all orders USA & Canada. Call US 1-877-677-2725
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December 2022 Product Launch

NRS Brakes Adds NEW 2022 Genesis G70, Kia Stinger & Ford F-150, to its Galvanized Brake Pad Lineup

Today NRS Brakes added 19 New Part Numbers for 2003-2022 Ford, Jeep, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia and Audi vehicles covering 11.7 Million Vehicles in Galvanized Premium Brake Pads product line.

Brake Kits also include Abutment Hardware and Caliper Piston Cushions.

Canadian made Premium Galvanized brake pads by NRS Brakes have a technology that you can see. Galvanized steel incorporates PACE award winning, patented NRS friction attachment technology. The result is the world’s quietest, safest and longest lasting brake pads. Galvanized steel that outlasts the friction, ensuring it won’t fail as a result of corrosion material delamination from the backing plate, giving you a license to feel SAFE!


NS2383S REAR Ford F-150 (2022-2021)
NS2280S REAR Ford F-150 (2022-2021) Ford Transit-150 (2021-2020) ; Transit-250 (2021-2020) ; Transit-350 (2020-2020) ; Transit-350 HD (2021- 2020)
NS2255 REAR Audi S3 (2018-2017); Volkswagen Golf R (2018-2017); Volkswagen Atlas (2021-2017)
NS2212 REAR Hyundai Veloster (2020-2019)
NS2145 FRONT Genesis G70 (2022-2019); Kia Stinger (2022-2018)
NS2144 REAR Genesis G70 (2022-2019); Kia Stinger (2022-2018)
NS2117 FRONT Kia Stinger (2019-2018)
NS2101 FRONT Genesis G80 (2019-2018); Hyundai Genesis (2016-2015)
NS2098 REAR Hyundai Tucson (2020-2018); Hyundai Nexo (2020-2019); Kia Sportage (2021-2017); Hyundai Elantra GT (2016-2013); Sonata (2015-2015); Veloster (2015-2012); Kia Cadenza (2017-2014); Forte (2016-2014); Forte Koup (2016-2014); Forte5 (2015-2014) ; Soul (2016-2014); Soul EV (2017-2015)
NS2087S FRONT Ford F-150 (2020-2018); Ford Expedition (2021-2020); Lincoln Navigator (2021-2020)
NS2057 FRONT Jeep Compass (2017-2017)
NS2032 REAR Nissan Titan (2019-2017)
NS1917 FRONT Hyundai Santa Fe (2018-2017); Santa Fe XL (2017-2017)
NS1759 FRONT Mazda 3 (2017-2014)
NS1397 FRONT Hyundai Elantra (2012-2009); Kia Forte (2013-2010); Forte Koup (2013-2010); Soul (2016-2014)
NS1202 FRONT Hyundai Entourage (2009-2007); Genesis (2011-2009); Santa Fe (2016-2007); Santa Fe Sport (2016-2013); Santa Fe XL (2016-2013); Kia Borrego (2011-2009); Sedona (2014-2006)
NS1157 REAR Hyundai Accent (2011-2006); Kia Rio (2011-2006); Rio5 (2011- 2006)
NS1156 FRONT Hyundai Accent (2011-2006); Kia Rio (2011-2006); Rio5 (2011- 2006)
NS969 FRONT Infiniti FX35 (2006-2003); FX45 (2006-2003); Nissan Altima (2006-2005); Maxima (2008-2004); Murano (2012-2003)
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