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World's Longest Lasting Brake Pads

NRS Brakes use rust resistant, unpainted Galvanized Steel that incorporates O.E. specified mechanical attachment technology.

Incentives for Fleets

  • Value/ROI: NRS Brakes last on average 4 x longer than typical brake pads.
  • Safety: our brakes will never experience delamination 
  • Durability: our Galvanized steel will outlast the friction material it’s attached to
  • Up Time: less time in bay for brake repair/more time on the road
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Performance Guarantee for fleets, if they EVER experience a brake pad failure as a result of delamination, rust jacking (IE: separation) NRS Brakes will replace the brake at no cost
  • Additional discounts are available to fleets based on size/volume

National Fleet Program

This program is designed with preferred pricing, annual rebate (based on prior years sales), and size/volume incentives that are tailored for fleets.

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