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NRS Launches Windshield Wiper Brakes

NRS Launches Windshield Wiper Brakes

Using Galvanized, mechanical-attachment technology, the North American company has created the longest-lasting, quietest windshield wiper brakes in the world.

A leader in the aftermarket brake space, NRS Brakes has built a reputation for pushing the limits of innovation to remain ahead of market trends. Chances are, if you have landed on this page, you’re already familiar with the launch of our newest product, Windshield Wiper Brakes.

To ensure we reached the height of our target audience, we partnered with renowned automotive YouTuber, Chris Fix to showcase how one can go about changing their windshield wiper brakes.

NRS Brakes utilize patented mechanical attachment technology which alleviates the need to use adhesive to bind friction materials to the backing plate like they do in traditional brake pads. Furthermore, the galvanization process also does away with the need for paint, building a resistance to rust, corrosion and delamination. Visitors will be happy to note that the technology that has helped elevate NRS Brakes in the aftermarket space will also be applied to this new product application as well.

New Braking System for Windshield Wipers

In the video, Chris Fix takes his viewers through a detailed tutorial of changing the windshield wiper brakes on his Ford Mustang.

The video, was posted to Chris Fix’s YouTube channel on April 1st and we can neither confirm nor deny* whether this was an elaborate April Fools prank or not. What is not a prank is the fact that Chris Fix has established himself as a charismatic online resource for car enthusiasts and auto-DIYers alike.

With nearly 10 million subscribers to his channel and over 1 million views on this video alone, we are thrilled to have collaborated with Chris once again.

How to Install Windshield Wiper Brakes

If you’re noticing that your windshield wipers are resting in a lopsided position, falling off the windshield or making an annoying squeaking noise – it may be time to change their brakes.

As Chris Fix explains, those are the three most common symptoms of bad wiper brakes. If you’re experiencing this, don’t worry – the video goes into detail on how you can replace the brakes regardless of your mechanical acumen.

STEP ONE: Gather the Correct Tools for the Job

STEP TWO: How to Remove the Wiper Blades

STEP THREE: Windshield Wiper Brake Replacement

STEP FOUR: How to Install Windshield Wiper Brakes

In case you needed some more evidence to understand the difference between NRS Brakes and traditional brake pads, Chris Fix also did a “One Year Later” comparison where he reviewed the wear and tear on NRS and traditional brake pads after a year of use.


In conclusion, yes, we put an asterisk beside on our ability to comment and the reason being is this was in fact an April Fools Day collaboration between NRS Brakes and Chris Fix. However, it's crucial not to lose sight of the fact that the quality and longevity of NRS Brakes are anything but a joke.

Contact us now and experience the difference yourself.

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