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With 1,000s of Galvanized Brake Pads to choose from, NRS has the right fit for you.

Right out of the box, Galvanized NRS Brakes have a technology you can see. Rust resistant, unpainted Galvanized Steel that incorporates an award winning attachment technology called NRSTM

Let's find the right Brakes for your Vehicle.

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Brake cost calculator

NRS Galvanized Brakes last longer. That means fewer costly brake replacements. Use our calculator and see how much you can save.

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${{ formatPrice( budgetBrakeChanges*( budgetSetPrice+laborPrice ) ) }} Over {{roundSavings(budgetBrakeChanges)}} brake changes

Budget Brake Pads

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${{ formatPrice( premiumBrakeChanges*(premiumSetPrice+laborPrice) ) }} Over {{roundSavings(premiumBrakeChanges)}} brake changes

Premium Brake Pads

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${{ formatPrice( galvanizedBrakeChanges * ( nrsSetPrice+laborPrice ) ) }} ONLY {{roundSavings(galvanizedBrakeChanges)}} brake changes

NRS Galvanized

AVG cost ${{nrsSetPrice}}/set Labour - ${{laborPrice}}

NRS Galvanized Brake Pads could save you ${{formatPrice(savings)}}
over the life of a vehicle

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Let's Find the right NRS Galvanized
brake pad for your vehicle

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