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D340 - Rear Brake Pads

D340 – Rear Brake Pads

Won’t fail as a result of corrosion, Longest lasting brake pad-steel that outlasts the friction, Improved fuel mileage, OE specified mechanical attachment

***This item will ship on May 15th, 2019***


4x Galvanized NRS Brake Pads
4x NU-Lok Floating Anti Noise Shims
1x Electronic Wear Sensors
1x Galvanized Caliper Hardware Kit
4x Galvanized Pad Retainers

***This item will ship on May 15th, 2019***

• Galvanized Steel
• Steel that outlasts the friction
• NRS Mechanical Attachment
• Fit, form, function
• Mechanically attaches as per OE specifications
• Eliminating noise caused by delamination

• Won’t fail as a result of corrosion
• Longest lasting brake pad
• Friction will never separate from backing plate
• No filing, frustration, lost time
• Capable of withstanding load, heat your car’s braking system requires/generates
• Quiet brakes

Galvanized brake pads by NRS Brakes have a technology that you can see. Rust resistant, unpainted Galvanized Steel that incorporates an award winning, patented attachment technology. The result are the world’s quietest, safest and longest lasting brake pads.


Products are 100% made in Canada.
Higher friction coefficient but lower dust and low noise level.
NRS Brakes’ products exhibit excellent friction performance and quality consistency.
NRS Brakes’ pads are 100% post cured to help reduce thermal fade under braking.
Our friction is 100% copper free and asbestos free.


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