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Our Partners

NRS is a global brand that has licensees on 4 of the world’s continents. 

Our partners are leaders in the manufacturing and supply of friction products throughout the world. 

Newly launched NRS Brakes has both Re-seller/OES and Fleet partnership programs. 

These programs are designed with preferred pricing, rebate, and marketing incentives that are tailored for both re-sellers and fleets.

We also offer referral programs and NRS Brakes digital technology for qualified re-sellers. 


Become a Partner

NRS Technology Licensees


“FRAS-LE is driven to deliver value and safety for its customers around the globe. NRS Safe Attachment Technology is a perfect fit for this purpose.”

Anderson Pontalti
Managing Director, FRAS-LE

“NRS eliminates any possibility of friction material delamination.”

Group CEO, EBC

"NRS is a problem solver when it comes to platforms with high energy shear forces."

Jerry Forystek
Director of Friction Product Development, BPI

“Elig uses NRS attachment because in high performance racing, failure is not an option.”

Jackey Chen
Founder/Chairman, Elig

“If it moves, it’s our job to stop it...consistently, with NRS”

Marco Loth
Executive Director Marketing, Independent Aftermarket, TMD FRICTION

“NRS eliminates any possibility of friction material delamination.”

Steve Cornelius
Director of Sales & Marketing, Wilwood

“NRS ensures safety and performance are never compromised.”

Pravin Jain
Chairman, Super Circle

“Since 2004 SBS has used NRS in all organic and race pad applications. Now adding sintered pads to the range, will complete our offering from a safety and production efficiency perspective.”

Torben Madsen

“NRS attachment technology results in the safety and performance ICER customers have come to expect.”

Rubén Llander
General Manager, ICER

“With NRS attachment, safety and peace of mind come with every set of HAWK Performance brake pads.”

Bruce Berentz
Product Manager, HAWK

“FDP selected NRS for all of their high-performance applications including products being used in both top NASCAR and ARCA national series.”

John Carney
VP Sales and Operations, FDP

“NRS provides enhanced friction retention in severe energy applications using semi-metallic/low steel friction”

Eric Rossman
VP Research and Development
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