February 19, 2019
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Breaking News – February 07, 2019

FMSI releases additional numbers that are identified as OE specified for mechanical retention. 

The update affects the following parts: 

D687, D712, D735, D760, D768, D831, D1058, D1084, D1399, D1400, D1411, D1418 

The above referenced parts are in addition to the original list by FMSI which was comprised of the brake applications identified below: 

D784, D840, D857, D934, D935, D945, D962, D965, D1011, D1012, D1032, D1066, D1077, D1278, D1279, D1353, D1363, D1382, D1405, D1540, D1550, D1680, D1691, D1746, D2018 

OE manufacturers specify mechanical retention between the steel backing plate and friction material due to the specific application design for high loads. Brake pads without a mechanical retention system have an elevated risk of the friction material separating from the backing plate which can lead to brake failure. 

Having reviewed the referenced applications, it appears that many aftermarket brake pads currently being sold and installed on North American vehicles are without OE designed mechanical retention. NUCAP is recommending that these brake pads be only supplied to the Aftermarket with mechanical retention so not to compromise this critical feature that is fundamental to the OE brake system design.

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